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Deformity Correction

Almost all deformities are correctable when treated at the right time. We have been treating all kinds of deformities with both non surgical and surgical techniques for more than 3 decades now.

Club Foot-

Childhood foot problems are treated from day 1 of birth and with right cast and bracing more than 90% are correctable.

Serial Casting

club foot is largely corrected by simple plasters which are given at weekly intervals followed by shoes or braces till child’s feet become stable. Some children may require a percutaneous tendon release (tenotomy) when needed. Simple light weight molded braces and shoes are made in way that they are comfortable for the child.

Bow Legs & Knock Knees

These are extremely common problems affecting more than half the children in their initial years. A timely checkup and simple measures can help in the long run and prevent the deformities form becoming significant.

Most of them can be corrected non surgically when child comes young in his or her early growth period. Shoes, braces medicines, massages all help in managing these deformities.

Most children or adolescents with left over deformities are corrected at our centre with the latest and best surgical techniques. These include percutaneous and minimally invasive small incision surgeries which are precisely done using image guided surgery. Most children can resume school and activities within a few days of surgical procedures.

Adult knee deformities-

Adults with moderate deformities who do not receive timely treatment are a cause to early knee wear and tear leading to early and advanced arthritis. They often are not aware of the problems or neglect them till they become serious. A timely planned knee corrective osteotmy (H.T.O./Supra condylar) can be a great knee preserving surgery which can delay or prevent future joint replacement.

For more info read- knee conservation surgery.

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