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Chakraverty Clinic

Chakraverty Clinic came into existence more than 3 decades back as one of the first dedicated Orthopaedic care centre in the region of eastern U.P. With the innovative and untiring efforts of Dr Gautam Chakraverty from the very outset, his focused efforts in delivering specialized orthopedic care it has made its name to reckon with when orthopedic problems are concerned.

The pioneering work in the field of trauma, orthopaedics and rehabilitation way back in the 70?s has been the basis of the work this centre is doing today. With an annual footfall of more than 20000 patients in orthopaedics alone we are known for quality healthcare services.

Catering to the vast needs of the entire belt of Eastern U.P., Northern Bihar and adjoining areas of M.P., Chhattisgarh, our reach has been deep into the most underdeveloped regions of the country. Where cost is a major concern and deprives the common man from availing specialty health care we focus on these two aspects when providing health care.

Our Philosophy

Quality medical services at an affordable cost has been the cornerstone of our health services.

With a total annual outdoor footfall of around 30000 patients we as a team are focused on delivery quick diagnosis and effective treatment to these large numbers. This has been possible through personalized care and adopting the philosophy of giving the best treatment at the beginning which helps in reducing the overall cost in the long term.

All facilities under one roof and a strong referral network ensures patient get the best help in all associated speciality.

Centre For Joint Replacement And Eye Care

Seeing the rapid increase in arthritis and eye problems in the older people this centre was developed to add on to the existing Chakraverty Clinic. The latest in the management of arthritis, osteoporosis and eye problems have been meticulously looked into, resulting into a super specialty care of these ailments under one roof. The specific needs of these patients and specialized infrastructure for them has been incorporated in this unit.

Trained doctors and skilled staff help in delivering the desired services at this centre. Separate operating theaters specially designed and equipped with the latest and the best machines are meant for catering to the needs of this specialty.

Specially dedicated camps and knowledge update programmes are regularly organized by us for the benefit of the people and health providers.


Our O.T. setup came into existence way back in early 1980?s and was designed and equipped for trauma and spinal surgeries.

With passage of time various changes happened from time to time. In the 90?s we were among the very few in India to acquire intra-op fluoroscopy from Siemens. The older systems were all changed and upgraded and separate modular O.T. for Joint replacement, Eye Surgery and septic O.T. have been incorporated. The Joint replacement Surgery unit is equipped with a World Class O.T.- with laminar air flow which ensures OT air sterilization by 70 air changes per hour through imported HEPA filters. Online UPS powers the OT to keep the equipments and surgeries safe. Dedicated to Joint Surgeries it has all essential equipments like Pulse lavage, Electronic tourniquets, Orthopaedic grade power saw and reamers.

For Arthroscopic Surgery/ Sports Injury-

We keep pace with the latest advancements in minimal invasive surgery and sports injury. Our setup and operation theater is equipped with the best in the class Arthroscopic Surgery ( Key hole surgery) equipments from the best companies in the world. We use the best to deliver the best results. Right from German Karl Storz Arthroscope to Dyonics Shaver system all have been timely upgraded to make ACL , PCL, Meniscal injury, Cuff injury, Bankart Lesions to be treated by the latest techniques.

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