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When pain becomes a daily struggle, a constant reminder that you are no longer fit to do your work and need help. You spend more time worrying about you knee than anything else. When your social life is largely affected. You have become house bound. You visit doctors more than anyone else. You are woken up at night because of knee pain.
Its time to discuss about the best possible treatment which may be knee replacement We have been performing this surgery over a long period of time and most of our patients are the happiest and wonder why they did not get it done before.


Knee pain is gone
No need to use painkillers and other therapies
You can walk independently and do your daily activities and enjoy your social life
It’s a one time surgery
The cost of a successful knee replacement is Rs15 per day,less than any kind of other therapy-Ask your doctor how?

Who needs it?
People with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, COPD, stomach ulcers who cannot take pain killers are largely benefitted
People with advanced arthritis who can barely walk and move and becoming more and more ill because of no activity are very good candidates
Young people who want to remain active and are just crippled due to knee pain enjoy the life after surgery the most

When to go for it?

When your doctors have tried out all possible therapies including medicines, belts, physiotherapy etc and still you need to take the painkillers often its time to think about the surgery. There is no age too young or too old for the surgery. With the modern knee technology even young patients can have a long lasting knee replacement surgery. As far as old people are concerned it is the surgery designed for them so as long as they can undergo any surgery this is a viable option.

Types of knee replacement-

Total knee replacement

When the knee is badly damaged and no natural cartilage can be preserved total knee replacement is the answer. Only the surface of the damaged thigh, leg and knee cap is resurfaced with synthetic materials which give a smooth, pain free and mobile joint. All natural and healthy ligaments, muscles and bone is preserved and left behind
It is a one hour surgery and done under block so that you are conscious but do not feel the pain. It is a bloodless surgery as the bleeding is controlled by tourniquet.
Post operatively the patient does not have pain as he is given multimodal pain therapy. Walking can be started as early as 1-2 days after surgery.
Patients can do all kinds of activity by 2-3 months after surgery

High flex knee replacement

For those people who want to sit on the floor, squat, kneel, play golf or even want to do daily low home activites specially designed knee joint helps them achieve these movements.

Newer materials

When we talk about the latest materials in knee oxinium is the latest and smoothest material which helps in getting not only high flexion, long life but also non allergy to conventional materials

Patient specific instrumentation

When it comes to the latest in knee replacement it is specially designed instruments specifically for your knee to get the best fitting knee joint customized for you only.

MIS knee replacement-

Mini incision knee replacement is possible with the latest instrumentation and newer jigs and joints.

Which is the best knee for me

Depending on your age, needs, other specifications and budget the choice can be made and a wide variety is possible to choose among the existing options

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