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Knee Preserving Surgery

It is well known that human technology cannot match nature and a timely knee preserving surgery can save you knee from many kinds of future knee problems. When you are young and knee pain is troubling you:

  • You can save your knee from future knee replacement

  • You can preserve you natural cartilage, ligaments and bone

  • No artificial component is put in your knee

  • You can be once again as independent as you were

By wisely choosing knee preserving surgery as advised by your doctor you can enjoy all the above benefits.

They include-    

 Arhtroscopic meniscal surgery

Meniscal tears are common during sports, falls, road traffic accidents etc. Pain and feeling of locking are the commonest symptoms. Arthroscopic meniscal surgery includes trimming of torn irreparable edges or repair of healthy repairable menisci. Itís a day care surgery and is done by thin 4.5mm endoscopes with sutureless techniques. Patients can go back home the same day and enjoy all the freedom of a healthy knee.

Arthroscopic ligament surgery

Sudden twisting injury during sports, fall or accidents may cause ligament tears which may or may not heal with rehabilitation. They lead to feeling of instability and lack of power and can lead to repeated trauma to the knee leading to fast wear and tear of the knee.

When rehabilitation doesnít work arthroscopic  Ligament reconstruction is the best and fastest way to get back to normal life. Ligaments can be reconstructed with small incisions and knee can be accurately restored to normalcy. 1-2 days of hospital stay and a quick rehabilitation can get you back to all your natural activities.

Realignment surgery

Those people who have a deformed or curved leg since birth or after injury should get their limb realigned so that it does not wear down and predispose to arthritis. It can be done both in young and old people and has very good results as the natural knee is preserved.  Patients after undergoing this surgery can do almost everything that they used to do in the past. There in no implant related issues like restricted activities etc. both knock knees and bow legs can be managed with this technique. The modern surgery helps in achieving this by small incision surgery which is accurate as it is image guided.

Cartilage transplant

For small areas of cartilage injuries which are mostly due to injury cartilage transplant is a good option. Natural cartilage from the same knee can be transplanted by OATS technique, synthetic material like truefit can be used to fill these defects or tissue culture using ACT can be done to fill these defects. They are natural procedures and selected as per patient and disease .


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